Mindfully crafted performance food & drink for your everyday energy needs. 

Thrive Energy Lab is built with intent, and therefore function is the result. It’s purpose-driven to give you the nutritional building blocks you need to fuel performance.

Fast "Health" Food - Dine in, take out or Grab and Go! Thrive offers fast efficient service and a variety of convieient ordering option. There's no excuse not to eat healthy. 

Grab & Go Selections - Choose from an array ofr daily crafted salads, sandwiches, drinks & desserts from our Grab & Go Fridge. Made fresh everyday from mindful ingredients. 

Fresh Drink Bar - This is where the magic happens. Our Smoothie & Juice Oporators create delicious and powerful cocktails, fresh juices, smoothies and hot drinks right before your eyes using the freshest ingredients we can source. 

Fresh Food Bar - Our seasonal menu offers some unique and very delisious choises. Made fresh to orderwe offer an wide selection of healthy options from our famous Pad Thia & Curries to our Salads, Wraps and other daily specials and Features to keep things exciting. 

Desserts - We have a wide seleciton of Gluten Free, Organic, RAW & Dairy Free desserts created by our skilled Pastry Chefs. No need to feel guilty with these healthy treats! 

Retail - We don't have a huge selection of retail products at Thrive but we feel we offer the best selection. We carefully choose what we feel are the top Protien, Meal Replacement & Energy Powders on the market ot make life a little less confusing. We also offer some great reading material to help you gain the knowledge you need.

Thrive Life with Brendan Brazier

"Eating with mindfulness and purpose became an integeral part of my training, and therefor of my daily life. And, as with purposful training, intentioned eating advanced my rate of improvement in leaps and bounds. Everyaspect of life became easier. The quality of my sleep improved, my mental clarity increased, my ability to handle stress and not get sick kicked in. This was far-reaching and holistic progress."

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